My Projects

  • Pak: A cross-platform wrapper written in go designed to unify package managers. It uses TOML configs to define package managers. Options include commands, shortcuts, root user invocation, root user invocation command, and package manager command.

 Pak  Pak

  • Opensend: A program made to share files and websites between computers securely and reliably, written in go, using zeroconf for discovery, ChaCha20-Poly1305 and RSA for encryption, and Tar + Zstandard for compression and archiving.

 Opensend  Opensend

  • Simpledash: A full-stack web application to act as a dashboard for important links and information. It is written mostly in go, other than the SQLite driver for session storage. It is configured via a TOML file called simpledash.toml. Passwords are stored as bcrypt hashes.

 Simpledash  Simpledash

  • Chromebook Linux Audio: An advmake script to compile and install the required kernel and audio server to enable audio and other chromebook features in a mainline linux distro.
 Chromebook Linux Audio